Pottery Wheels for Beginners 2022 — Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Katelyn Brown | Last updated February 22 2022 Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Affiliate, Amazon makes money through our qualifying purchases. If you spend time shopping on our websites, we may receive an income from these purchases for free. We help to light the house and we also offer pottery lessons free of charge. When trying to find pottery wheels that will be worth buying, you have an extremely difficult task. The pottery wheel should be chosen according to your experience and level of experience. Not only that, but you should decide what projects you wish to use them for.

What to consider when buying a Pottery Wheel?

Understanding Pottery Wheels, a Pottery Wheel Buying Guide

Pottery Wheel Cost

Top Pick: Shimpo VL-Whisper

Pro Pick: Soldner Wheels or Skutt Wheels

Wheelhead configuration

Where can I buy Pottery Wheels?

Shimpo Wheels

Budget Pick: Speedball Clay Boss

Other great wheels: Brent Wheels and Others



Pacifica Pottery Wheel

Soldner Wheels


Electric vs. kickwheel wheels

Pottery Wheel Comparison Chart

Shimpo VLLite Pottery Wheel Review, Reversible Lightweight Wheel for Beginners

4/5. Brent Model ie and Brent Model ie-X Pottery Wheels, Reliable and Sturdy Wheels to Start and Continue Potter’s Career

SEAAN LCD Pottery Wheel with Foot Pedal DIY Clay Tool, The Best Pottery Wheel for Clay with Foot Pedal and Detachable Basin

YaeTek Pottery Wheel, The Best Low-Noise Electric Pottery Wheel for Ceramic Clay with ABS Basin (Forming Machine)

Skutt Thomas Stuart Pottery Wheels


Lockerbie Pottery Wheels

Design and materials

Brent Pottery Wheels

Speedball Pottery Wheels

Bailey Pottery Wheels